Head photo taken from http://yournewswire.com/nasa-finally-find-evidence-of-life-on-mars/

Mars colonization is kind of interesting initiative. It is fascinating to read technical features for securing the life and Mars human base. What about human leisure?

The very first item is connection to the earth friends of martian people. How would they connect? If it will be provided via space discovering corporation, the whole communication will be published to the mass media. And if will be something private only for two people? Will it be read by the third side? I think, it will, so the longer it least, the faster people on Mars will lose their friends, as they can not speak about something special only for friends.

Imagine, that people will have private internet connection and will communicate via Skype or social networks. Due to distance from Earth to Mars it will take minutes to receive some data from one point to another. Assume, that it will take ~10 minutes. When the human on Mars wrote his message to the Earth mail recipient, it will take for ~20 minutes to get the response. I think it is kind of difficult to provide an online communication with latency for 20 minutes. And what about Skype? Video files are kind of larger, than text files, so the latency will be bigger. So, the humans on Mars will be able to communicate with earthlings only via e-mail. This communication type will be more similar to earth e-mail.

And what about martians hobby? I think a great part of them really passionate about their earth job, will they have a chance to work on favorite employment? If a human was a programmer, he will be involved into the similar kind of work on Mars maybe, but what if he was a farmer on the Earth? I think inspiration to Andy Weir’s book will cause him to develop a plantation of something on Mars. However, after the set of fails, I think, he will disappointed in Mars.

Also, there will be some musicians, for example. It is heat the imagination to create a band with the name like “Number of seconds on Mars”. But if scientists will allow to get instruments on the other planet, martians will not have a plenty of instruments to play. And after some time instruments will be become useless, as there are no one article of influence of Mars atmosphere or artificial atmosphere on instruments. The most curios people will use different applications to create the music and send tracks to the earth friends, which will perform recording of martian tracks. Definitely it will not be an art of martian people. Due to this fact, the martian musicians will be rather disappointed.

Actually, martian writers may have a plenty of abilities to write some kind of emerging book from another planet. However, I think, that similar life day-to-day will kill their inspiration. They will produce only from one to two interesting stories. And then each story will be equal to any of previous. To the contrary, I believe that the most curios writer will become the most readable author of two planets.

What about religion? Well, world religion authorities will send materials for building places for praying. And what about non-spread religion? For example, one or two humans will believe in talking pumpkin. Will they have an ability to pray for the health (or what pumpkin has?) of their god?

Humans on Mars will be called martians, and not earthlings. However, only their children, that will be born on Mars will be truly martians. And with their children we facing the scaling of problems of first martians generation. Will they have a normal school and university? Or they will be educated remotely from earth? And what about emerging trends for teens on Earth? Will they be interested in this, or they will not have a wish to go to an Earth? I think, scientists will send some supplies for the martians, but will they spend their time and ability to send some stuff for the children of first generation, for example the new construction kit? Will be children socially fit to the equals in age earthlings? Will they have an ability to go to the Earth instead of wasting their life on another planet?

I really fascinating about Mars colonization, but sometimes I think about the very basic features of Earth life in comparing with the Mars life.


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